I would say I’m a Startup Founder.Product Designer.Growth Manager.

I’m also a lifelong learner who builds cool stuff. Co-Founder of Sphere and Chowdy

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About Me

In 2014, I co-founded a meal subscription startup that broke $1 million in annual revenue by it’s first year with no funding. I was featured in the Financial Post and appeared on CBC’s Dragon’s Den.

Before that, I helped other businesses establish their brand, so I’ve been on both sides of the table as an entrepreneur and an employee.

Currently I’m working on a new app called Sphere.

I’m always looking to get involved in cool new projects or bring value to a great team. Shoot me a message if you’d like to chat.

Stuff I do


Design & prototype applications for web and mobile.


Connect with potential users & customers on the platforms they hang out on.


Develop a story that stands out and attracts true fans.