Meals by local chefs for busy professionals

Chowdy the first startup I created in early 2014 with my roommate Steve.

The idea was to offer simple, affordable meals on a subscription based, all managed via a simple responsive web app.

Customers could sign up for a new meal subscription, choose their meals for the week and select the option of receiving delivery or picking up from our 4 physical locations in downtown Toronto.

We started off with 1 chef in a rented kitchen and eventually grew to a team of 10 chefs in a dedicated commercial kitchen.

By the end of our first year, we hit our goal of $1 million in annual revenue without any funding while delivering 3500 meals per week to 450 weekly subscribers.

We were featured in a variety of media publications including CBC’s Dragon’s Den.

The Platform


We designed and built the Chowdy platform from the ground up to handle our operations that would otherwise have taken 2-3 full time employees to do. Since we had a unique meal pick-up subscription, we had to create a customer and admin backend that would handle all customer sign ups, account management, meal production, analytics and much more.

The Signup Page

The Homepage

We used a mix of referral marketing, social media campaigns, PR, print, video and SEO to drive customer acquisition on a fairly modest budget to achieve 20% month over month growth.