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Sphere started off as a side project. When I was working on my first startup, I found myself meeting and building relationships with different people in the startup ecosystem and within our relevant industry.

Some connections became personal friends, others became good contacts who offered to help me with various aspects of my business or connect me to new people.

This prompted me to search for a sort of personal CRM where I could keep my different connections organized without letting people slip through the cracks. (Which I tend to do when I don’t have a system to remind me to reach out)

I found current CRMs to be too business/sales oriented. I personally wanted something a little more visual, so I got the idea to store my contacts as different sized bubbles to illustrate relationship depth and history.

No more lists or spreadsheets.

We ended up building Sphere out into a responsive web application that would let you import contacts from your Gmail, set check-in frequency and easily make plans with contacts via Google Calendar integration.

The process of nurturing your relationships became more like a visual game than a list of to-dos. We even track your progress based on what actions you took.

Sphere is currently in private beta and you can sign up here!

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